Through our talents is where we find our unique calling.

Looking at these photos I couldn't help but think about talent. I SO enjoyed getting to know Paige Brown and get a special insight to her art and where it all happens! It is truly fascinating to see what she can do. I even got to see the very first canvas she painted. (What a cool opportunity for me!) No class was taken to learn. She just picked up a paint brush one day and started doing it!! It's evident her paint brush is a natural extension of her hand! 

It was just so fun to see her in her element surrounded by the things that she loves! Not only is she an amazing painter, but she makes jewelry as well! Some of the necklaces she has made has a really cool story with some ornate pieces she's found. Really cool!! (I love a good story!) And just another side of her beautiful creativity. I look forward to seeing what she comes up with next! If you haven’t already, go check out Paige Brown Art! You can find her on Instagram, Facebook, and Etsy!

We have all been given gifts of one kind or another. I think if we have an open heart and soul those gifts that we were meant to discover will come to light. And I think it is through those gifts we were meant to reach out to others. To love others. Help others. Through these gifts we are often times given amazing opportunities. What do we do with those? Then there is the greatest gift of all. Jesus.

[1 Peter 4:10-11]

Happy Friday!!